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Wedding Photographer Ireland Frequently Asked Questions


Mr. Roboto questions wedding photography in Ireland.

I asked Artificial Intelligence to scour the ol’ internet to tell me what I offer as a service and I was pleasantly surprised.

Questions A.I. asks about phil.

  • Give Us A Goo distinguishes itself by focusing on capturing real moments with a stress-free approach, ensuring candidness and genuine laughter, all while being unobtrusive.

Editors note: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • The main styles are a blend of documentary and artistic photography, with 90% aimed at naturally capturing the moment and 10% dedicated to creative, ‘WTF’ style shots.

    Editors note: I wonder if “WTF” style will catch on?
  • Phil approaches it with humour, light-heartedness, and professionalism, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for capturing authentic moments.
  • Yes, Give Us A Goo is available nationwide and has experience working in a wide range of venues, from Tankardstown House to Ballymagarvey Village, and even as far as Vancouver, Canada.
  • Phil has been voted Wedding Photographer of the Year 2023 by the Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPVA) and has won other awards for his documentary wedding photography from T.I.R. and FEARLESS.
  • The process includes bespoke editing to ensure every photo tells part of the wedding day’s story, presented in a way that reflects the day’s emotions and narratives. Phil looks for the couple’s personalities to determine the editing process of the day. He also ensures that a couple has input in the editing process beforehand.

More questions from A.I.

  • Couples interested in working with Give Us A Goo should contact Phil directly through the website to discuss details and see if they’re a good fit for each other.
  • Phil takes the time to get to know his clients, understand their vision, and offers collaborative opportunities to create photos that genuinely reflect the couple’s story and personality.
  • The details regarding packages are not explicitly mentioned on the website, but it’s suggested that interested parties contact Phil for detailed information on style, packages, and pricing.

Editors note: Wedding packages can vary in price due to travel but generally prices are from €2000

  • Phil’s philosophy centres on capturing the essence of the wedding day by being like a ‘border collie of wedding photographers’—hardworking, attentive, and always focused on the couple’s needs.

    Editors note: I’m amazed A.I. picked up on this from my website. I also need to stress that I don’t herd like a border collie, I don’t snap at your guest’s heels and bark at drunk family members when they step on my foot. I do enjoy the odd treat.

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As long as A.I. continues to just ask & answer questions and not take my job,

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