“I’ve over 10 years honing my technique in wedding photography”

I’m a wedding photographer in Ireland that captures moments using a diverse range of photography methods. I take a documentary styled approach to your day which allows the preparation, ceremony and reception events to naturally unfold without much posing. With over 10 years experience in Ireland wedding photography industry I’m confident your day will be recorded not just professionally but with a relaxed and humbled approach.

“Best Ireland Wedding photographer – KODAK AWARD 2009”

After all, your wedding day is the consummate moment when both families and friends come together to witness your love. They bring to the party a celebration like no other and I get how important those personalities are captured and reflected in your wedding photos.

Alternative Wedding Photographer Ireland

“Wedding Photography is an art form”


Wedding photography is an art form that requires not only a “way of seeing” but a “way of doing”. I know that capturing the day as a documentary piece alone won’t do it justice. A wedding photographer needs to do more than just position himself for the best angle as the moments unfold. I believe that given time we can come up with photographs worthy of hanging large on the wall.

alternative wedding photographer Ireland

“Family Photos are Important”

I find it equally important to not just focus on the couple but to have a good ol’ banter with the family too. It’s about making everyone feel welcomed when they pose. I’ve also no problems with photographing not just your family but friends you grew with til this day. I try my best to remember everyone’s names, I may just be around for the day but I like to walk away knowing that I got to know everyone as well as well can be.

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— Audrey Hepburn
“True friends are families which you can select.”
your clan
Your Tribe
Your way on the day!
There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met - Jim Henson
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“Photography is seeing through the eyes of another”

Yes. No doubt that the main story of the day (your love) is the thread that holds the event together. But woven throughout the day are the little stories of everyone else involved. From flowergirls burying their dolls in dirt outside the church. Umbrellas collapsing at the worst moments. Hats taking off like kites. Temper tantrums of anxious children. Heels getting caught in grates. Nose picking children. Tired yawning children. Thrown shapes on the dance floor.These are moments on the other side of traditional wedding photography. The story of others that give you an alternative to the wedding photography on your day.

It's experience that
helps me angle it
presses for the moment
makes me see it
Catching your day

A bucketful of lenses to catch all those details

Such as the wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding rings etc It’s the wedding details that you’ve poured your heart into since the engagement. I’ll also be your time keeper, I’ll carry the trail of the dress, I’ll have an emergency sewing kit. I’ll put on buttonholes and even take photos with your phones! Most importantly I’ll listen to what you want photographed and I’ll do my utmost to make it happen. You’ve put a lot of trust in me to retain these memories and I’ll endeavor to preserve it all. How’s them words for vows? So go on then book your Wedding Photographer in Ireland today!

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