Award Winning Irish Wedding Photographer

Phil is an Irish wedding photographer that captures moments using a diverse range of photography methods. Favouring a documentary styled approach to your day allows the preparation, ceremony and reception events to naturally unfold without much posing. With over 10 years experience in the Irish wedding photography industry he’s confident your day will be recorded professionally.

Your wedding day is the consummate moment when both families and friends come together to witness your love. They bring to the party a celebration like no other. Phil understands how important it is that those personalities are captured and reflected in your wedding album.

"wedding photography is an art form"

Wedding photography is an art form that requires not only a "way of seeing" but a "way of doing". Phil knows that capturing the day as a documentary piece alone won't do it justice. A wedding photographer needs to do more than just position himself for the best angle.

artistic wedding photographer

Take advantage of Phil's family portrait skills at your wedding!

Bantering with in-laws and out-laws to get their attention. Don't be surprised to hear him remember everyone's names. Oh and he'll also be your landscape photographer that scouts the wedding venue looking for that epic scene.

family portrait photographer

Looking for an alternative wedding photographer?

Yes, he'll get the main story of the day but what of the little quirks and oddities that crop up from time to time. Such as taking note of the flowergirls' impromptu funeral of a barbie doll outside the church. Or seeing a friendly hand with tissue appear to come from the sky! High heels worn wrapped in plastic to stop them from getting mucky. Umbrellas that give up. Kids yawning. These are moments on the other side of traditional wedding photography. Phil is always looking out for those fun moments throughout the day as an alternative wedding photographer.


Wedding Photography Tips

Tips on how to get better photographs from your wedding photographer

He'll have a bucketful of lenses to catch all the usual details.

Such as the wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding rings etc It all has to be recorded like an editorial stock photographer. He'll be your time keeper, he'll carry the trail of the dress, he'll have an emergency sewing kit. Phil will put on buttonholes and even take photos with your cameras! Most importantly he'll listen to what you want photographed and he'll do his utmost to make it happen and all you'll see and hear is a smiley happy photographer. So go on then, Give us a goo!

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