Naas Portrait Photographer

Naas Family Portrait Photographer

Being a Family Portrait Photographer in Naas and the surrounding areas, there’s nothing that makes me happier than getting a call back from a family to photograph their kids again.  It means they were satisfied with the previous photo session and trust me to do it all over again. No better feeling than knowing you did a good job. So when I returned to their home and found my photos hanging up on the walls and dotted on their bookshelves it really did fill me with joy. Photographs should be printed, they don’t have to be giant prints but even a small 6 x 4″ print framed and placed in the context of a home will always be better than on facebook.


Having a photo displayed is a memory that lasts much longer and when it comes to your kids, it’s a gentle reminder of how quickly time is passing. Walking down my own hallway every morning I’m reminded that I no longer change nappies, no longer get woken up every 3 hours, no longer have long periods of cuddle time, no longer feed their little faces and wipe their little butts. No longer spend most of the time on the carpet cheering on tummy time. It’s a blessing and a curse but it’s great to have those photos along the wall because when I do see my kids after passing their photos, I’m much more focused on how to be in the present. Which is a the key of parenting, knowing it’s all so transient, that knowledge keeps you sane when they’re fighting over who owns the right to look out a particular window ?

Here’s a couple of photographs from the day below. Names haven’t been mentioned to protect the privacy of the family involved. The family preferred to have natural lifestyle photographs more so than traditional poses. It’s also much easier when you have three boys full of life.