Maynooth portrait photographer

Maynooth portrait photographer

Here’s a shoot as a Maynooth portrait photographer that really opened my eyes to what could be done with photographing on location. First off,  I love arriving to someone’s home and they greet me with open arms and invite me into their space. I take that trust seriously. It’s a big gamble getting an absolute stranger to come into your home and start photographing your kids. There’s this strange part of the job whereby I’m messing around to get the kids & parents to open up and at the same time scouting the house for good light sources. I’m literally “casing the joint”. This could be in your hallway, at the top of the stairs, in the kitchen and yeap, even the bedroom. I’ve been known to shoot in a bathroom because of the golden light that streamed into it. Of course, none of this would be possible without permission.

These “open arms” gives me an enormous sense of reassurance that we can trust each other and the world isn’t all that bad. Having two kids myself, I struggle everyday not knowing where they are and who they’re with so to have someone come into my home to take photos, I’d like to know they’re true professionals and not just part time photographers. I have the credentials and I have full insurance and having clients trust me like this means the world to me.

With this particular shoot, The mum wanted me to capture the kids in their environment.  Funnily enough, the two of them were at an age where their rooms were about to be refurbished to reflect their coming of ages and so it almost seemed like we were taking photos that reflected the times when they were at their happiest with their surroundings. Does that make sense? I mean there comes a time when as a kid you look around and think, hmmm, this is a bit childish or I’m bored of that and I think I’ll get rid of all these toys I used to play with everyday for hours and just well, dump them. So, here I was taking photos before that time happened, before the rooms were moved around. Obviously I can’t show you all the photos with details but here’s a selection from the day.

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