Getting ready tips

What can I do to help the photographer when I’m trying to get ready?

I usually don’t require anything, I love a couple who want natural photos of the morning’s proceedings – a messy cluttered house filled with bridal prep appeals to me along with lots of friends and family pottering about in pockets around the gaff. But more often than not, I’ll arrive to an immaculate house with calming music in the background and a very organised bride and groom that doesn’t feel very organised.

With regards to “Getting ready” photos. I like to photograph the action. The hustle and bustle of the morning. So let everyone know in advance not to be jumping out of the way when I start photographing and to just continue doing what they’re doing. Give them a quick goo at the website and they’ll get a better feel of how they’re being portrayed.

What really helps is when something is happening and I’m not around. I’ve been taken aside discretely and pointed in the direction of a room with a father having a cup of tea or reading the newspaper and been told “I want to remember that” on numerous occasions and have always been grateful for the extra pair of eyes, especially from a family member.

It also goes without saying that if you would like photos of everyone then make sure to let them know to make an appearance. I can’t really photograph anyone stuck behind closed doors. So, I usually ask my brides and grooms to let everyone know that a photographer will be around and if they want privacy then close the doors but if they don’t mind being photographed then leave those doors open. Of course I’ll always ask permission anyway but I can’t really do so behind a closed door.