Summer Celebrations Kilshane House Wedding Photographer

I did a lot of wedding photography at Kilshane House in 2019. I feel like I’ve genuinely lived up to the blog title as “Kilshane House Wedding Photographer” and it’s no longer just a title that suits the search engine optimisation for keywords 🙂 I love Kilshane House. It’s quirky vibe in an elegant setting. This wedding at Kilshane was of a delightful couple Aisling & Ronan that organised it all from UK. It was an amazing day as they turned the venue into something so much more, it became more about the people. Honestly, what a great group! I didn’t see a stressed face all day. Lots of emotions. Lots of moments. No stress. Which was a remarkable feat considering a troop of kids under 10 attended the wedding in Kilshane. You’ll see from the wedding photography that Aisling got dressed in the hallway at the top of the stairs because the kids had taken over the bridal suite 🙂 I’m glad she did as the light at the top of the stairs in Kilshane coming from those huge windows is just gorgeous. My favourite photo of the bridal prep has to be Aisling’s sister with her hand down Aislings wedding dress trying to adjust whatever part of the dress that needs adjusting. The laughs were brilliant. I left on a high to greet the lads at Bansha Church knowing that shot was in the bag.

Ronan himself got ready in the cottages. I arrived to him ironing his shirt topless so obviously he wanted photos taken. The rest of the boys were mulling about doing what lads do best, avoiding me at all costs but having a laugh throughout. Once Ronan was shirted it was time to open the presents. Aisling completely spoiled him. Personalised drumsticks (Ronans a dab hand at the drumming), personalised cufflinks and tie hold and a pocket watch. Not to mention a special surprise later for him with the Hit Machine Drummers doing a gig just before the first dance. Which Ronan and everyone else was just gobsmacked listening to these Scottish lads build a rhythm. Check out his reaction in the wedding photography towards the end.

Honestly, what a day, after the prep, gorgeous sunlit Bansha Church was brimming with love. This was where the emotions started to unravel. Aislings walk down the aisle with her dad, the little looks between herself, her da and Ronan. Her ma watching through tears. It’s every wedding photographer’s dream to be around people that were just in the moment. I took a whole series of photos shown below of the unveiling of Aisling. Methinks I kept the camera to my eye more than usual to hide my tears during that moment. It’s the whole daddy daughter thing. I’m forever thinking of my own daughter growing up and getting married, not that she has to get married and not that I have to “give her away” but you know, I’m her dad, any excuse to support during a big moment. That’s what I do and don’t get me started about dad daughter dances. Before I forget, Aisling had her veil stepped on as she made her exit out of Bansha Church. She just laughed it off. No blashephemy whatsoever in the house of the Lord.

Right enough waffling. Take a goo at Aisling & Ronan’s wedding photographs taken by me, the Kilshane House wedding photographer (insert more SEO here).