Clane Portrait Photographer

Natural Portrait Photography

Roy was looking for a Clane Portrait Photographer. I know Roy from school and photographed himself and Joanne when they got married back in September 2012. When they had lil’ Alex in 2014, I called around to the house and took a few casual portrait photographs of them at home. They were looking for something simple without spending too much time focussed on posing. So, I took a few snaps around the house and kept the portrait photography simple.

Then just before they emigrated I got another call to photograph themselves in Donadea Forest. This time, Alex was nearly two.  Again, they didn’t want anything too stiff or rigid. Nothing staged, so we walked around the forest or should I say, Alex led us around and we just followed her toddler sense of adventure. It was a great day and kinda sad knowing that this may be the last time I get to photograph them as they left a week or so later to Canada.

Donadea Forest is a great spot for portrait photography. No matter the season, I pretty much go there every weekend with my own kids and dog. It’s got everything you could ask for;  a lake, forest trails, little streams, fallen trees, the ruins of a castle, giant redwoods but our favourite is the coffee shop where we stop by and get hot chocolate with ham and cheese toasties.

If some families find it difficult getting their portrait taken especially in their own homes then I really do recommend arranging a portrait photography location session. It doesn’t have to be portrait photography in a forest, it could be in a park, in a field, even in the playground or car park. Just a spot without the usual distractions like tv, radio , phones and computers.  Even bringing a football to the green can make some fantastic photos of the family to hang on the wall.

Sure have a goo at the photos below and if you like what you see then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.