I’ve had several About Us pages. I remember writing my first About Us page back in 2007. The website has been updated 5 times since then. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

That  first website page talked about adventure and travel as part of my photography style. Now I’m very happy to say it’s about raising a family that forms my photography style and I’m very content in the way it’s developing.  

Patricia and myself have two kids and they are the centre of our universe and like any universe, it feels very much like one that is spiraling out of control and ever expanding. Dylan Moran once said at a comedy gig “Children are like small drunk adults, you don’t know what they’re going to do next “ Mine certainly live up to Dylan’s insightful words. Life is busy in our household but what they give me back in love keeps me spiraling out of control in a much more enjoyable way. Oh, and there’s less hangovers 🙂

I have learned so much from my lil’ tribe that when it came to writing an “About Us” page it was hard not to include them as they have been the backbone of my photography style. Yes, I have a degree in Photography since 2001 and worked at a successful commercial Dublin lab and Photography Studio in the early 2000’s. And yes, I’ve been working with Give us a goo photography for well over 10 years and won a few awards (got the major plugs in there!) but, and there’s always a but, like any job in the creative field, what you bring to the table comes more so from the heart. Since my job is to photograph people, their family, friends, colleagues and their environment, an empathetic heart goes a long way and coffee, lots of coffee and wine soon after the job.

Photographed in 2014 take a look behind the scenes at Amy & Chris Wedding in Carton House

A little about me during a full wedding day


Here’s photos of those that inspire me the most! (Most are just phone snapshots)

It’s not always been easy, juggling photography with family life. Despite the Instagram Selfies you see here. We’ve had our moments of pain, of suffering and of loss. We love each other and we have disappointed each other too. Like all families we learn to change and re-sync our steps we take together. My family has built inside me an empathy for others that grows stronger in helping them piece the world together. We also have an enormous Lego collection that needs constant re-building too.

For you see, with my own family I now know what it’s like to see my daughter grow up too quickly and work studiously at whatever is at hand. I’ve witnessed my son’s obsessions cast to one side as he moves onto the next task to consume. I’ve watched both come to terms with emotions, their own and more importantly the discovery of other’s feelings.  I’ve watched my wife multitask in ways that an artificial neural network seems already obsolete. There’s the stuff we don’t talk about too, like supporting a family member who is ill and I know what it’s like to regret not being there for the one you love too. Things aren’t perfect and there are a lot of “sorrys” in me. Life is too short and for me photography is a way of slowing things down, to arrest time as they say. A pause button of reflection.

For my photography, It’s these moments that I capture that help me grow within my own family.  I take photos of an amazing chapter in your life story whether it be your wedding day or popping around for a lifestyle shoot. A new family business start up or a simple corporate headshot for a new career in your life. If there ever was a job that has you feeling such a variety of emotions then wedding photography is definitely up there at the top. As a portrait photographer it’s about capturing not just the better side of you in the best light but the many expressive qualities that others see in you too.  Finally working as a commissioned photographer means understanding the job that you’ve carved out in life and helping you to visually reach others.

People may think it’s just point and click, it’s not, well a lot of it is, but it’s also an art and a way of seeing and managing. For me, my family and my photography are based on the same principles, to find joy, to find peace, to find reflection and to support each other’s vision. These special times deserves to be remembered as close to how it transpired and upholding to this ethos is the principle of Give us a goo photography.