Portrait FAQ’s

What are your opening hours?”

You can get in touch with me or Patricia from 10 – 6pm.

Where are you located?

We’re based in Sallins and shoot portraits Nationwide. There’s an additional mileage fee for portraits that are more than 20mins drive from Sallins. Contact me for further details.

Are you a professional photographer?”

I got my B.A. in Photography and Arts in 2001 and have been fully immersed in all aspects of photography since graduation. I’m also fully insured to be at any location and always arrive with back up equipment.

How long is a Home Portrait Session and how many shots do you take?

A session is roughly 30 minutes to an hour. There is no limit to the number of photographs taken and absolutely no extra cost if the session takes much longer than anticipated. It’s important to remember that it can take time for children and adults to become comfortable in front of the camera and I assure you that I am flexible and you are never rushed.

What should I wear?

It’s up to you and the style of home portraiture that you choose. But generally:

A group portrait whether in colour or black & white works best when everyone wears similar shades of one particular colour. Everyone should be dressed in a similar fashion for better emphasis on the group rather than the clothing, all formal or all casual. Saying all that, there are no straightforward rules and being creative can often achieve unique results as long as you know that the person with the loudest piece of clothing gets the most attention.

My suggestions:
*Remember that brands or labels draw attention away from the person.
*Creases, fluff, old clothing, lint, stray pet hairs and creases will also draw attention away from the faces being photographed.
*Remember that white and black clothing works in entirely different ways. Where dark clothing against a dark background can make you look slimmer and emphasise your features, white clothing can make you look younger but not as slim!
*Whatever the clothes you choose for yourself or family make sure it’s comfortable. Little Johnny will laugh and smile in a pair of pyjamas quicker than a tight fitting suit.
There is no right or wrong to what you wear and sometimes the most outlandish clothes with the messiest of backgrounds make the best photographs. However, this may not have been your intention.

What about hair and make-up?

The best person to do your hair and make up is yourself. Just make sure to have some powder at hand to remove any shine during the shoot. Please have your hair and make up ready prior to the photoshoot/ before I arrive. Men should avoid shaving if their skin is sensitive and prone to reddening or breaking out in a rash on the day.

I have a small apartment/house. Will that affect the portraits?

Not for Lifestyle photographs as we have the appropriate lenses to get good portraits in small spaces. However, it will pose a problem for large groups of people. If you can comfortably fit a large group of people that you want photographed in the room with at least 3 metres between you and the photographer then it should be fine.

For Home Studio Portraits, I need a space that is at least 2 metres width by 3 metres length for a small portrait of 3-4 people in front of a studio backdrop. The more space you make in your home, the more combinations of photographs we can take.

What are the ideal conditions for children and babies to be photographed?

Whatever you do, don’t make a big deal of the day. Treat me like a friend that comes around everyday and your children will do the same. Enforcing manners will put a barrier between the children and me. Any stress or anxiety that you might have leading up to the day will be a cause of stress and anxiety for the children too!

Please try to book a time of day when your child is at his/her best as this will ensure the best results. If your baby or child happens to become sick on the day or aren’t up to the session then please reschedule at no extra cost.

It can take some time before younger children feel comfortable being photographed but the best results are often achieved without mammy and daddy giving orders. Saying “smile” can often result in a “frown”. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t ask for assistance during the shoot. It’s best to watch over them unless I ask for help. Sometimes all a child needs is his/her favourite toy to make them smile.

How long will it take before I receive the photos, prints and frames chosen online?

Generally, the photos will be available to view and download as high resolution files in about 3-4 weeks later online. You can purchase all prints and frames from the website and they’re posted to you within two weeks from order.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, I do. They make a fantastic present and I can email the personalised gift voucher to the receiver upon request. The gift vouchers are non-redeemable and are completely customised. Please do contact me for further details.