2010 Family Home Portraits Maynooth

I was a little nervous when David rang and enquired about family portrait photos as he clearly knew exactly what type of family photographs he had in mind, plus he was also more than just a keen amateur photographer, turns out he  sets up studios for media artists inclusive of RTE. Luckily he had a spacious living room which meant setting up a white background was relatively easy and there was no light spill back. The kids were an absolute delight to work with and made sure that I had enough jellies in me to bounce off the walls during the shoot.  David wanted natural photos so there wasn’t  much posing involved as we wanted the kids to be at ease. Since the kids were’nt being told to keep still, we got loads of candid photos and happy faces. The family photo I uploaded has been heavily edited, with his daughters head from a different photo. Overall, a successful shoot and I hope to see them more over the years.

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